Payday - Online Banking

A Fresh Look for Increased Conversion through Website Redesign and Online Marketing Transformation.

UI UX – Custom Web Development  – Digital Marketing 

Main motto was to offer market leading technology solutions to assist online banking enhance customer experience with their brand.

  • Build a complete user experience that makes it easy for users.
  • Increase customer market and maximize sales revenue.
  • Platforms: a cross-browser responsive front end, mobile app with back-end

The Solution.

Human-centered design is very important to connect user goals with business goals. It indeed plays a vital role to create user empathy, their need, and evaluate flexibilities when they use the platform. The platform needed to be designed in line with the human perspective and psychological behaviour. To create a feel for the user to stay on the site and maximize the transaction rate.

The main target was to find common features, existing solutions, weaknesses, and unique values.

To understand real problems and pain points, we started with user interviews. There was a total of 10 participants.

We then designed and developed complete front and backend platform that provides a comfortable experience.

The Result.

  • We delivered a modern and interactive B2B mobile responsive platform for online banking.
  • We developed multiple backend web portals for this client which is exclusively used by banking agents
  • Increase revenue generation due to greater availability and streamlined digital solution.