Sun Joy

It was a comprehensive web design and web development work, aimed at improving the end-user’s experience through data-driven design decisions. We simplified the page and as a result made its contents stand out more.

UI UX – Wireframe – Custom Web Development 

The overall need for the redevelopment of the new website for Sunjoy was driven by a number of factors including a desire to improve the customer experience, increase website performance and speed, and enhance search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.


  • The new website should be modern.
  • The new website should provide a fresh look, increases traffic to site and enhances user experience.
  • Develop a holistic search marketing strategy

The Solution.

Starting with the home page, where many customers form their first impression, we experimented with different methods to optimize elements above the fold. It was believed that by finding the best combination of elements at this stage, there would be more engagement with the banner, guiding customers to the next stage in their journey and ultimately leading to an increase in transactions.

  • Replatforming the old website
  • Establishing a brand differentiation strategy
  • Improving UX/UI design
  • Optimizing performance.

The Result.

We effectively eliminated communication noise by giving every visible element an adequate amount of space, which improves accessibility and readability. There is also plenty of illustrations, making the brand appear approachable and easy-going. The site also loads faster and is easier to manage.