Terms of Service

By using our Services you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of Webview Digital

With the commencement of your association with Webview Digital as your web designer and/or web developer, it is deemed that you abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned on webviewdigital.com

The following are the standard terms and conditions that are put forward by Webview Digital and apply to all work and contracts that the company undertakes for its clients. The employees of Webview Digital adhere to these terms and conditions and so do the clients of Webview Digital.

Business hours

Our team is available:

Monday to Friday
9:00 am — 5:00 pm, GMT+1
That is 3:00 am — 11:00 am, EST

Sharing Information

As a client, you must share and supply all the vital information that is deemed as important to initiate, resume, or finalise the website design and development work by Webview Digital. The kind of information that you must supply to us may include but is certainly not limited to photographs, logo(s), content written copy, logos, and other printed material as mutually consented to, at the beginning of the project. If there is any delay from your side in sharing this information with us as a result of which, there are any further delays in finalising and completing your web design and development work, we reserve all rights to extend the deadlines in the actual agreement by a certainly reasonable amount.

If at any instance you do not share the necessary information with us that leads to major delays and put a stop to any further progress that we would initially have, we have the authority to invoice you for the parts of work that have already been performed by us.

Rejection of work

If you, the client, reject any of the web design and/or development work within the specified time frame of 15 days, or do not approve of the ensuing work after your disapproval at first place, we, acting reasonably would reconsider and re-perform the work on certain points, and if you have been unreasonable in rejecting the work we can choose to consider it as an end of the contract. This consideration makes you accountable to settle the outstanding balance amount and gives us the right to take all possible measures to retrieve the payment as on the completion of the project.

Refund on Termination

Webview Digital provides full (100%) refund only if notice of termination is received in 15 calendar days after the payment and no work has started.

Final Payments

After the time allowed for review, that is, 7 days, Webview Digital will invoice you for the 50% balance of your project fee following the quotation mutually agreed by the organisation and/or its representatives/employees and the client.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Webview Digital and/or its subcontractors solely agree that your personal information will not be disclosed at any given time to any third-party organisations.

Website Backups

If your website is not managed by us, you will solely be responsible for managing your website or maintaining the backup of the website.

We disclaim any liability for restoring the data of your website subject to your disagreement with us for managing your website for a monthly cost. This condition holds true with an exception of a situation where the data loss arises out of negligence by Webview Digital or its employees.